Some of the Documentaries you can watch on Stan...


THE TRADE is a powerful and visceral odyssey from the poppy fields of cartel-controlled Mexico to the battle to save lives in heartland America. New Episodes Saturdays 3pm AEDT

Banksy Does New York

Documentary chronicling the famed street artist's "31 works of art in 31 days" in New York city.

Conquest of the Skies

For 300 million years, animals have soared above the Earth. This documentary series takes an in-depth look at how various species mastered flight.

Life Off Grid

Life Off Grid is a film about people who have chosen to build their lives around renewable energy, with beautiful, inspiring, and often challenging results.

Active Shooter:

America Under Fire

Documentary series that delivers an in-depth exploration of mass shootings and their devastating consequences.

The Killing Season

Sarah Ferguson's gripping three-part examination of the forces that shaped Labor during the Kevin Rudd / Julia Gillard leadership years.

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